Goal-4 Activities in a School from Rural Area

Local Solutions to SDG-4

In Pakistan 24 million children are out of school. According to Global Competitiveness report 2015-16, Pakistan is ranked 127 out of 140 countries in health and primary education.

Bridging Health Foundation is engaging youth in SDGs. One of our members, Mr. Shakeel is doing Master’s Degree from a university in Islamabad and is teacher in a school in village. Shakeel negotiated with well-off people in the village to arrange Fans for the school. He did personal efforts and convinced villagers to send their kids to school. Due to this initiative the student enrollment in the school is increased by 40%. There was no girl’s school in the village. Shakeel motivated the villagers to send their daughters in the boy’s school to get education.





Mr. Shakeel with his colleague teacher.