Awareness and Screening

Awareness in high risk group.

Hepatitis awareness program at TV.

Screening in high risk group.

Estimation of different risk factors linked with barber’s shop in transmission of viral hepatitis. Dark blood spots are visible on potash alum stone being used on shaving cuts at barber’s shop.

Hepatitis Awareness program at a Kachi Basti in Rawalpindi.

Every 12th Person is suffering from Hepatitis in the world. Screen yourself. You might have viral hepatitis.

Damaged forearm of a person who inject drugs.

Dr. Yasir Waheed interacting with People Who Inject Drugs during an Awareness & Screening project.

Screening in PWIDs.

Hide outs of PWIDs.

Awareness in PWIDs.

Needle sharing is very common in PWIDs.

Screening in PWIDS.

Data collection from PWIDs.